How to keep cool in hot weather at a music festival


Most music festival’s are in the summer and can get very hot in the day, so our guide below shows you how to keep cool in hot weather at a music festival.  We look at several aspects from keeping your tent cool, to eating and drinking.

How to keep you and your tent cool

We all know how hot it can get in the mornings when your trying to sleep in your tent.  The sun will start baking your tent as soon as it rises and you’ll want it to be as cool as possible inside.  Most tents are nylon so will absorb the heat quickly.  It’s also a struggle to find shade in the campsites, so if the suns extremely hot, you may need to use your tent for additional shelter.  These tips below will try to help you stay cool at your next festival.

1.  Pitch your tent inline with the wind – Sometimes there will be a breeze, so positioning the door of your tent towards the wind will allow it to blow into your tent (remember not to have the loo’s close-by or be downwind of them!!).  If you have a quick pitch or pop up tent, you can easily turn it round and make the most of the wind.

2.  Open those vents – Most tents have mesh vents that can be opened to allow and breeze through your tent.  You can even open any windows or doors whilst your near your tent in the mornings, but make sure your close these when you go into the festival as you don’t want all your stuff on show.

3.  Get a higher or dome tent – Heat rises, so by having a high or dome tent (even one you can stand up in), will be cooler at ground level than a smaller or pop up tent.

4.  Position is key – If you have a small tent, try to pitch it next to a larger tent but where the shade will be in the mornings. (most smartphones come with a compass, just remember the sun rises in the east so as you look east from behind the large tent and that’s your spot!).

5.  Edge of the campsite – If there are trees/bushes on the eastside of the campsite, pitch your tent here and as the sun rises, you should get the sun on your tent a bit later than everyone else.

6.  Battery Powered Fans – You can pick one of these up really cheaply and are hand-held.

7.  Drink Water – You’ll no doubt be drinking alcohol all weekend, which will dehydrate you.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your fluids up.  Water is free on the camp sites.

8.  Wet towels / t-shirts – Use the free water taps in the camp sites to wet towels or t-shirts and wrap them across your shoulders or over your head.  This will help bring your body temperature down.

9.  Light-weight sleeping bags – Sleeping bags are designed to trap heat, so make sure you take a light-weight sleeping bag or a cotton sheet to sleep under.

10.  Reflective Blankets – Meant for keeping the heat in, these survival blankets can be placed on top of your tent, shiny side up, and can be used to reflect the sun away from your tent.

It can get cold at night, especially if there is no cloud cover.  Tents will get hot throughout the day, so on your return there is a good chance they should have retained some of the heat so it’s not too cold.


How to keep cool in hot weather at a music festival – Eating and Drinking

drink water to stay cool at a music festival1.  Drink plenty of water – You’re going to be drinking throughout the day and night, so staying hydrated is very important.  Every so often, have a bottle of water to keep your fluids up.

2.  Freeze drinks before you arrive – A good tip we’ve found, for keeping your food and drinks cool for longer periods of time is to freeze some of your drinks before you go.  The best for this are cartons of juice (large or small), bottles of water and the bag from inside a box of wine.  Freeze these before you go, place them in your cool box and they should stay cold for a good 24 hours along with keeping any food cool you take with you.  When they defrost, you’ll have some drinks that are cold to drink the next day.

3.  Cold Can Amnesty – At V Festival in the past, if you take a warm can of carling to the various carling outlets, they would exchange it for a nice cold one.

4.  No heavy or spicy meals – Eating heavy or spicy food can raise your body temperature and even dehydrate you.  Our advice is to eat smaller meals but more often.  Try things such as nuts and fruit to give you energy and keep you hydrated.

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