How to keep your stuff safe at a Music Festival

Read our guide on how to keep your belongings safe at your next music festival.

Although we’d all like to think it won’t happen to us, crime at festivals does happen and it’s up to you to remain as vigilant as possible and not make it easy for criminals.

don’t padlock your tent! thieves will only think you have something to hide

Below is a brief guide on some of the do’s and don’t to help you keep your valuables safe at music festivals.

How to keep your stuff safe at a Music Festival

Don’t take anything of significant Value

If you don’t want to lose it, then don’t take it. Laptops, expensive camera’s and iPod’s should be left at home. If you have to take a mobile phone, keep it with you at all times; (try and take an old mobile with you instead of your brand new iPhone or Blackberry).

There are mobile charging points throughout the main festival arena, or you can even buy solar powered or portable mobile phone chargers that will take normal AA batteries.

Most festivals now have secure lockers you can hire for the weekend from around £15.

Make Friends

Most people who go to festivals are friendly and care free, so a polite hello and brief chat, will get them to know you and vice versa. They’re more likely to look out for your stuff while your away as they know the only people that should be in your tent is YOU.

Neighbourhood watch works well and you end up making some good friends and have more people to enjoy the festival with.

Pitch up near the toilets

This might not seem like the ideal solution, but trust us, it works. Make sure you pitch your tent downwind of the toilets, but nearly always there is a security post not too far away and these areas are normally well lit. Thieves will also avoid busy areas such as toilets, food vans and especially security.

our guide on how to keep your belongings safe at your next music festival

Don’t Pad lock your Tent

Yes, we said DON’T! Any thief can slash the side of your tent with a knife if they really want to get in. By pad locking your tent, you’re advertising you have something to hide and will attract thieves. Keep your camping area looking messy and busy and this will also help keep the thieves away.

Some Top Tips sent in by our users

1. Put a tent peg through the zip on the inside of your tent when asleep, anyone opening from the outisde will think the zip is stuck and move on.

2. Keep things with you in your sleeping bag at night.

3. A messy entrance, chairs, empty beer cans, wellies, boots and coats will also go a long way to distracing theives. Remember, they want to be in and out without being caught, so are not going to sift through your stuff if nothing is on show.

4. Take a money belt that can be on you all the time.

If you have any top tips for how to keep your stuff safe at a music festival, then please contact us and we can add them to our site – Send us your Top Tips