What to take to a Music Festival?

Having been to many Music Festivals over the past 10 years, we think we have gained enough experience to advise you what to take to a Music Festival.

Many people will turn up with big bags, electrical appliances and all sorts that are not necessary for enjoying the festival experience.

When you are packing, make a list of what you think you need, then read it back and and cross out anything you don’t actually need.

Be as ruthless as possible, no-one else is going to carry your bags from your car to your tent pitch, which can sometimes be a long walk.


TentsSounds obvious, but people do actually turn up without a tent.  Luckily most music festivals will have a camping stall selling tents and other camping equipment, just incase you do forget.  Don’t take a 6 man tent if there is just 2 of you, as tents can be heavy and bulky.

Sleeping BagDon’t forget your sleeping bag, it gets cold at night.  Blow up mattresses and pillows are also ideal.

ClothesDepending on the weather forecast, you can normally get away with 2 sets of clothes plus water-proofs if you are staying the weekend.  Take a jumper/hoody for the evenings as it can get cold. Wellies, good boots or old trainers are considered the best footwear to take, as they may get muddy and wet.

ToiletriesBring ALL of the following, they are lightweight and you’ll wish you did if you forget them.

  • Toilet roll / Tissues
  • Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes
  • Liquid Hand Cleaner
  • Deodorant / Body Spray
  • Aspin / Paracetamol / Ibuprofen
  • Insect Repellent  / Insect Sting Cream
  • Toothbrush / Toothpaste and mints

Festival Food

FoodBring quick, high energy food.  You’ll only have a small gas camping stove, so anything that requires boiling hot water (pasta, pot noddles, cuppa soup) is ideal.  Tins can way your rucksack down, but 1 or 2 won’t be a problem.  Bring plenty of sugary sweets and snacks (nuts and crackers) as they are easy to carry and give you a burst of energy.  Food at festivals can be expensive, anything from £5 upwards for a burger.

BeerGlass is forbidden in all camp-sites so you are best taking a case or 2 of beer/lager or wine/spirits in plastic bottles.

Torch or Lantern

Torch / LanternIt’s dark at night, and although there is lighting in the camp sites, you don’t want to be falling over other people’s tents.  Include spare batteries.

MoneyYou will need to buy some things.  Cold drinks, some food or water inside the arena or even water-proofs if you happen to forget yours and don’t want to get wet.

Festival Chair

Camping ChairStanding and walking round all day is tiring, so you’ll need somewhere to relax with a cold beer.

Sunglasses/Hat/Sun-creamOn the odd occasion it doesn’t rain, the Sun can be hot from June to August and with being outside all day, you need to take care, apply sun-cream, wear a hat and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

IDIf you look under 21 and are over the age of 18 and want to but alcohol, make sure you bring your ID.

What NOT to take

Anything that you’d miss if you lost it.  Music Festivals can be very busy and you may lose things.  Take an old mobile phone that you don’t mind losing rather than a brand new one.  Drugs are illegal and random searches will take place throughout the weekend by security and the police.  If you do take any, expect to be ejected from the arena and camp site.


and lastly…….don’t forget a laid back attitude and your Festival Tickets!!

The above may sound like a lot, but trust us, it will all fit into your backpack and you will set you up for an enjoyable festival experience.