The Best Head Torch for a Music Festival

Best Head Torches for Music Festivals

Need a head torch to take to your next music festival?  Read our review of the Petzl Head Torch below;

Lightweight, easy to carry and very bright, it fits around your head and keeps both hands free for you to hold your beer or do other things.

Petzl head torches are slightly more expensive than others, but you pay for what you get and you notice the quality of the product straight away.

The head torch is water-resistant and has an adjustable strap for maximum comfort.  The headlamp also adjusts the lighting beam and comes with 4 settings, light, medium, bright and flashing, or strobe mode.

It fits in a nice case, that can be kept in your backpack or attach to a belt.  The lamp can produce around 140 hours or light on one set of AAA batteries, plenty to last you a whole weekend camping at a festival.

Petzl head lamps are available from most camping shops and different versions include the basic Tikkina to the advances Tactikka or Tikka.

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