Top 3 Things to take to a Music Festival

Get to a festival and you’ve forgot something?  Not sure if you’re taking the right things?  Don’t worry as we’ve asked our regular festival goers for their top 3 things to take to a Music Festival.  Below you’ll find the winners, and a selection of other items people take.

Festival Wellies

1. Wellies

Not surprisingly wellies were the top item with over 33% of people putting them in their top three.  Most UK music festivals take place in the summer months, but this year the weather has been awful.  Rain, rain and more rain make music festivals muddy, wet and not very much fun, unless you have the right clothing.

2.  Wet Wipes

You’ll not have a shower at a festival, unless you like getting up early or queuing for hours.  Wet wipes have many uses, and 21% of festival goers can’t be without them.  Taking off make-up, having a ‘wash’ in the mornings/evening or even freshening up if you’ve been to the loo, wet wipes are a god send.

Festival Beer

3. Alcohol

Coming in a close third, 20% of people said they couldn’t be without taking their own alcohol.  Pints of lager, cider and alcopops can be expensive whilst in the arena (over £4 has been reported for festivals in 2012), so taking your own alcohol will be a lot cheaper.  Be careful taking too many crates of lager or cider as these can be heavy to carry.  Plastic bottles with vodka in are light and many campsites have a ban on glass.

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Top 3 Things to take to a Music Festival

A selection of other top things includes

  • Hand Sanitizer – Festival toilets can be dirty and don’t have sinks.
  • Camera – You’ll want to capture those great festival moments with friends on film.
  • Toilet Roll – Take it, you’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • Suncream and sunglasses – You’ll be outside all day, and won’t want to get burnt.
Top Tips: Make a list before you go, and pack what you can carry.
For many more ideas and tips checkout our dedicated festival tips page!

There are many other things you can take to a music festival, and if you have any better suggestions then please let us know – contact us

Photos by: Wellies – Liz Jones 112, Alcohol – Hey Mr Glen